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with five Cd's on i-tunes
Three novels published on 

HI State licensed 

Aloha Singing Telegrams

The classic birthday or random surprise! Each, hand-delivered ST includes: Three songs (or more) accompanied on ukulele, one hand-sewn 60 flower lei, and a greeting card with your special message written inside.  Delivered with aloha. 

West Maui ... $78 *       

Kihei and Wailuku... $98*              

*add HI G E Tax 4.2%  

We accept VISA / MC  by phone: 

(808) 463-5575

Custom Singing Telegrams: 

Lost Pizza Guy, includes a 

Large pizza, ......add $40  

Mr Tuxedo and Top Hat, 

wearing sandals......add $20

Mr Attorney at Law 

3 pc gray suit, shoes...add $30


Last minute calls welcome, 

but not always possible, 

please book in advance  

(808) 463-5575

Published Books

Click here to sample a few chapters of Billy's new Romance Novel under the pen name, Oliver Gold

Click on Cd covers below to sample new music Cd's

Sweet Hula Girl

Captain's sweetest love songs 

plus Hula favorites, The Hukilau,

Lovely Hula Hands, 

Little Brown Gal, grass skirt

Under The Spell of Hawaii

The Hawaiian Wedding Song 

and original songs. Howz'it feel to be "Under the Spell, of Hawaii"

Tiki Torch Songs

Like Dating on Maui: Lonely, Crazy     

Jazz flute,ukulele,beach drums

This CD mirrors the true and bizarre events and women you meet in the chapters of my books. 

The Captain's Collection

A poetic, lyrical and acoustic, 2 Cd Collection of Sea Ballads. 

This was the only music CD listed in SAIL Magazine's "Essential Gear Catalog" for eight years. 

About Me

Talk Story Bio:

Thanks for finding me on the internet's ocean of singer-songwriters and authors. 

For sixteen years, I have owned and operated this licensed, Hawaii business, surprising people with singing telegrams, publishing music and books, singing at perfect beach and church weddings, performing on stage at state fairs, and volunteering at Maui rest homes. My six-year gig at Lahaina's Pioneer Inn, lead to entertaining on dinner boats, Maui home-owner association dinners, Merrimans, Fleetwoods on Front, Beach House, Three Palms and more.  

I have produced five Cd's of my original music. I'm not famous, yet. I don't think I want to be. I am a hard working example of how a musician or writer can earn money from online music and book sales on I-tunes and Amazon.

Click on the Cd, "Tiki Torch Songs" above, to hear the songs that mirror the bizarre, true stories in my three books. 

Did you read all that? 

You'll like the books and music.


Captain Billy Bones / Oliver Gold  

Still reading?

 I Earned my USCG captain's license in 1978, and started a charter company called, "Affordable Dream Sailing Vacations." During those years, I preformed at the Seattle Folk-Life Festival, Pacific NW boat shows and enjoyed over twenty years of volunteering at NW senior care centers.  

While operating charter yachts in the Caribbean, I played my music at soggy-dollar bars on Yost Van Dyke, Tortolla, Marina Cay, Norman island and Virgin Gorda. 

In British Columbia's Salish Sea, I played on board classic yachts, and in island restaurants. I was once hired to perform my original music at a US Navy convention in Washington State.

I know the high and low tides of a sailor's life. It's a life sewn into my music and books.